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Since it is time for the cold and flu season, could it be possible that Grandma’s recipes know the best when it comes to relieving that bad cold and cough? 

Healing Cuppa 

For tea drinkers, make a cup of hot water, honey and lemon to clear the sore throat and clear the airways of all its sickness. 

Breathe Steam 

Bending your head below a towel under the stove of boiling water may seem like a funny gesture to many but it really works. This method clears the airways and clears all the mucus in the nose. Add another ingredient like eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil and you will be clear of running nose in no time and breathing easy. 

Chicken Soup 

We all know that chicken soup is good for the soul but it is also good for the nasal problems too. Chicken soup was provided as a solution to all common problems, but it is backed with the studies conducted that it is a good solution and an effective remedy to cure any common cold symptoms. The heat of the soup clears the airways while the water in the soup replaces lost hydration which is important to cure all illness, and the combination of fats, garlic and spices help heal the mucus problems in the nose and clear the airways. 


Our grand-mothers generation believed that crushed garlic in warm milk can heal any problem and it is true. Allicin a common ingredient in garlic is known as an anti-congestant and garlic is known as an anti-oxidant and antiviral properties. It is also an expectorant which helps cough up phlegm. While four to eight cloves of garlic are enough to stop a cold in its place but if the taste of garlic is too much in the raw form you can cook it in a nutritious meal to help you. 

Gargle Salt 

It may not seem like a pleasant solution, but adding a pinch of salt in warm water and gargling can clear up the throat and remove all the mucus for the airways. 

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